Tessa Wills is a sex and intimacy coach and artist, offering sessions to support you living your best (sex) life.

Tessa specialises in working with people of queer + trans experience, people struggling with porn addiction, couples sustaining a thriving sex life in long term relationships, sex and sensuality after birth, the particular concerns of sex worker and erotic service providers, and people engaging in BDSM as a spiritual path.

Tessa Wills is a sex positive performance artist and community builder who is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Social Theatre Practitioner, Urban Tantra Graduate, Craniosacral therapist and Hypnotherapist with significant counselling training and experience. Tessa is also an artist who runs a festival of performances about desire called THIS IS WHAT I WANT festival, and has her own creative practice.

Wills has coached ecstatic embodiment and business skills since 2009, working with a range of providers including people exploring BDSM, gay male escorts, full service sensuality professionals, couples, pre-orgasmic queers, post-partum queer bodies, people finding fuller erotic expression whilst exploring gender or transitioning, and sexological bodyworkers at different stages of their career. Wills draws on a diverse background in artistic practice, somatics and healing (hypnotherapy, ritual, craniosacral therapy, alexander technique and theatre) to celebrate and support the unique erotic footprint of our interpersonal relationships.


"Tessa has a gift for holding steady, loving support, while her client unfolds deep emotions and inner work"

"I felt safe and well held in her presence"

"Tessa is approachable which made sessions with her fun and fulfilling, even when working with challenging issues like trauma or addiction"