Live your best (sex) life


Do you want a more satisfying erotic world? Do you want more connection in existing relationships? Perhaps you have hit a roadblock in your erotic life and need support to get through. Do you miss sex in your life? Perhaps you are having good sex, but suspect that there may be more?

Tessa Wills offers you talking and hands on sessions in person or remotely to help you live your best (sex) life.



I would recommend Tessa to anyone, whether your sex and relationship life seems ‘normal’ or entirely not.

Our sex and relationship life has been fraught with beauty, but also many tensions and complications. Tess helped me to filter through these, and identify shifts that we could make to bring self love, autonomy and genuine empowerment.

Tessa was completely open, non judgemental and for the first time I found myself able to speak freely about these things without having to monitor what I was saying for fear of judgement.

I think everybody of any inclination will massively benefit from giving this time to themselves, and Tessa is the person to work with.